Do you know the characteristics of LED floor tile?

The LED floor tile screen is a novel digital ground display device that uses video synchronization control to achieve high-resolution soft color display effects, completes the perfect combination of stage virtual landscaping and performance interaction; it uses high-strength steel Glass mask, strong die-cast aluminum alloy support device. So, do you know what are the characteristics of LED floor tiles?

Features :
1. Powerful PC face mask, no need to add toughened glass on the surface of the box body, good light transmittance, and the point-to-face support design of the module can be directly stepped on.
2. High-strength load-bearing performance: load-bearing capacity exceeds 2000KG/m2;
3. Waterproof, explosion-proof and low temperature resistance: A single module is independently waterproof and can be used in all outdoor cold climates.
4. Interaction effect: multi-touch function, no need for external interactive device, realize human-computer interaction;
5. Quick maintenance: simple disassembly and assembly, easy maintenance;
6. Flexible shape design: it can be spliced ​​at will, and a variety of forms can be used flexibly.

Common interactive modes :
1. The world of flowers: any flower pattern can be customized
2. Sky balloon: 3D content can be customized
3. Stadium: LED floor tile screen simulates the stadium environment
4. Starlight stage: LED floor tile screen simulates starlight stage
5. Booth planning and cultural display customization

The reason why the LED floor tile screen can be interactive is because the load-bearing capacity of the LED floor tile screen is more than 1 ton, and it has strong impact resistance and can be directly stepped on; the modular design of quick disassembly and assembly, and the excellent protective structure can achieve seamless Connect and combine at will. This product is suitable for various forms of performance stage, such as: disco stage, T-stand, concert stage and theater stage, etc.



Do you know the characteristics of LED floor tile?


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