Development trend of LED display industry from the World Cup

As one of the key forces of Chinese enterprises, LED display industry also play an important role in this World Cup,

Qatar has promoted the World Cup by bringing high-definition football matches to fans around the world on large LED screens.

Although China lost the World Cup, Chinese enterprises are shining in every corner of the Qatar World Cup.

From the construction of stadiums and the supply of stands and seats, to off-site supporting facilities such as transportation buses, mobile accommodation houses, photovoltaic photovoltaics,

and commemorative commodities such as footballs and jerseys, “Made in China” is frequently seen.

LED display fully covers the World Cup in Qatar

According to incomplete statistics, LED display manufacturers have provided tens of thousands of square meters of LED displays for the World Cup in Qatar. The main ones are:

Unilumin Technology built two large LED scoring screens for the main stadium, Lusail Stadium, with a total area of 70.78㎡.

Outside the stadium, Unilumin Technologies also provided approximately 3,600 square meters of LED display integrated solutions for Hamad International Airport,

five-star hotels, CCTV Qatar broadcast halls, concerts, and landmark shopping centers. Fully guarantee the holding of the World Cup.

Russell stadium LED display
Russell stadium LED display

Leyard provided 1,500㎡ LED display screens during the World Cup in Qatar.

The application scope ranges from the stadium to the appearance of the competition area,

from TV studios to outdoor advertisements, hotels, coffee bars, etc., providing a full range of services for the World Cup in Qatar.

Absen has taken care of all the stadium screens in the eight venues of the World Cup in Qatar,

with a total area of nearly 2,000 square meters,

and sent 2 service engineers to maintain the stadium screens,

providing high-quality products and professional services for the World Cup stadium .

On the eve of the World Cup, Liantronics completed the renovation and upgrading of Al Arabi TV in Qatar.

The newly built studio uses a small-pitch LED wall of more than 430 square meters.

It is known as the largest LED studio screen project in Qatar,

which can provide audiences with more immersive events. reports.

The Teneng company has provided 130 sets of 960mm*1440mm LED pole screens around the main World Cup venue.

These LED light pole screens have high-definition bright display screens, intelligent remote control,

low power consumption, energy High temperature, waterproof and windproof,

it can effectively integrate the basic municipal information display needs,

and advertising delivery needs of venues and city operations, and bring added value to the overall project.

Alto Electronics provided video products and solutions for the Qatar World Cup Asian Qualifiers in China. And last year,

Alto Electronics built a number of new LED TV studios for Qatar TV,

which have been fully put into use during this year’s World Cup.

HOLA-LED said that the LED display products distributed overseas by the company will be used in the peripheral commercial projects of some stadiums in Qatar World Cup.

For LED display companies, the World Cup is undoubtedly an excellent business opportunity.

LED display companies can provide fans all over the world with high-end game enjoyment.

While demonstrating the hard power of Chinese LED display companies,

they can also usher in a wave of products and Increased demand.



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