Commercial display manufacturers have laid out the LED display industry

Recently, Hisense Video has joined Ganzhao Optoelectronics and became its largest shareholder, which marks that the new display industry laid out by commercial display manufacturers has entered the fast lane.

In fact, Hisense owns a company that focuses on the commercial display field—Hisense Commercial Display. After several years of layout, Hisense Commercial Display already has a complete LED product line. Its products include Micro LED all-in-one machines, small-pitch LED all-in-one machines, and COB. Small-pitch LEDs, LED modules, etc.

Hisense Micro LED all-in-one machine

As an industry dark horse in the commercial display field, Skyworth Commercial Display entered the commercial display field in the past two years, and quickly formed four major products: Swaiot PROTV smart commercial TV, Swaiot BOARD full-scene smart screen, Swaiot SIGNAGE smart digital signage, and Swaiot WALL city smart cloud wall category, aiming at the industry non-standard bottleneck of LED display products, the Swaiot BOARD LED all-in-one machine was launched to promote the trend of industry standardization.


TCL started the research and development of Mini LED as early as 2017. With a five-year industrial layout and three strong technical iterations, TCL has achieved good results in the global Mini LED TV market, whether it is the strength of Mini LED technology or the performance of the Mini LED market. grades.

Konka One Vision, a subsidiary of Konka Group, has been involved in the LED display industry as early as 2014. Its main products include small-pitch products, internal and external fixed screens, rental series products, light pole screens, floor screens, counter electronic screens, stadium screens and other new displays.

In the field, Chongqing Konka is actively promoting industrialization. It has built a Micro LED full-process batch production line, Mini LED chips have mass production capabilities, and Micro LED chips have begun to enter the mass production stage.

Well-known domestic display panel manufacturers such as BOE, TCL CSOT, Huike, AUO, Innolux, Longteng Optoelectronics, etc. have deployed new display fields. BOE’s acquisition of Huacan is through opening up the LED display supply chain.

mini led tv wall
mini led tv wall

Panel manufacturers use integrated display technology to accelerate the industrialization and mass production of Mini/Micro LED new display technology, make up for their own lack of display technology, and enjoy the market dividends brought by industrialization.

Compared with large companies with a company market value of hundreds of billions or even trillions, the market size of the LED display industry of 50 billion is indeed unable to support the “appetite” of dozens of big “brands”. Why are big manufacturers still keen to enter the LED display industry?

In fact, cross-border giants are more optimistic about the trillion-level Micro LED new display market in the future. In the small and medium-sized application market, the new Micro LED display is known as the ultimate new display product after CRT, PDP, LCD, and OLED.

When the mass production technology of Micro LED is mature and the cost drops to a certain level, it is expected to gradually replace LCD and become the first choice for the majority of small and medium-sized display application markets.

Packaging technologies such as COB and MIP are the best choices for mass production of Micro LEDs. Before the commercialization of Micro LEDs, it is a technology accumulation and market strategy for major manufacturers to start with Mini LED direct display products and medium and large size applications. .

Of course, both the traditional LED display application market and the new display application market are ushering in new opportunities for development. As the demand picks up in the late stage of the epidemic, the demand for the LED display industry will gradually pick up, benefiting from technological upgrades such as 5G, 4K/8K ultra-high-definition display, and the rapid growth of the small-pitch/micro-pitch LED display market, bringing new opportunities to the development of the LED industry. opportunity.



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