Commercial complex transparent LED display solution

Through the rapid development of the past few years, the transparent led display has become more stable, and the application market is gradually taking shape. A single LED display can no longer be more personalized to adapt to the existing market.

Only by matching solutions according to different application scenarios can it be more flexible and affordable. For example, if we want to renovate a shopping mall, then we need to carry out a supporting plan for a commercial complex. So, how can transparent LED displays be better applied in commercial complexes?

first. The birth background of transparent led display

At the end of the last century, LED full-color display screens were born, but because the traditional screens are relatively bulky, it takes time and effort to move and disassemble. For this reason, major manufacturers have improved their product technology, which has given birth to a variety of different types of LED display screens, which also promoted the birth of strip screens, relying on 10%-50% permeability, lighter and lighter The thin performance has a certain impact on the traditional screen, which is the original characteristic of the transparent LED display.

Ten years ago, the market segment gave birth to the emergence of grid screens. Although the transparency rate has not increased, the price/performance ratio is not bad. The continuous development and evolution of technology have promoted the birth of transparent screens. Subsequent transparent LED displays have gradually differentiated into rigid light bar transparent screens, flexible LED film screens, photoelectric glass screens, etc. HOLA-LED has been committed to the research and development of transparent screens since 2013. And production has accumulated a wealth of project implementation experience.

Second, the application of transparent screens in commercial complexes

1. Application of glass curtain wall

The glass curtain wall application is one of the most common applications of transparent LED screens, and with the increasing popularity of glass curtain walls, this application has grown significantly. The structure of the glass curtain wall is relatively complex, generally divided into point support type, component type, and full glass type. The best time for transparent screen intervention is before the completion of the glass curtain wall design. Through the preliminary planning of the glass curtain wall structure, it can be transparent. The screen is better integrated with the glass curtain wall.

Transparent LED Display products

The transparent led display has high permeability and is green and energy-saving. It can be used in combination with the glass curtain wall and installed invisible, which does not affect the indoor lighting and viewing line of sight, and achieves the effect of brightening the glass curtain wall. It participates in the exhibition window where the building is very important and has a strong commercial atmosphere. It cuts in from the perspective of the new media of the curtain wall, takes the user experience as the lead, and integrates the gorgeous brilliance into the design concept of the building. Show the infinite continuation of life.

2. Indoor atrium application

The indoor atrium application is a popular application that has emerged in recent years. The transparent screen installed in the atrium has advanced artistic beauty, fashion, atmosphere, and taste. Transparent LED displays have been frequently used by the world’s top designers as the finishing touch in their works to enhance the taste and style of their works. Aurea transparent screen creatively solves the problems of limited ceiling load-bearing LED display, difficult space stress analysis, insecure engineering safety, high installation cost, complex steel structure, etc., making the atrium ceiling LED display more beautiful. It’s like an exquisite work of art.

The atrium hoisting transparent screen is visible to the naked eye whether it is lit or not. Therefore, it pays more attention to aesthetics and design, and more attention to shape and uniqueness, creating a new label for space art screen display. It takes the environment and decorative arts as the themes and integrates commercial architecture, commercial operations, advertising, and other major aspects, effectively shaping the corporate brand image, helping to promote products, and has become a temporary new marketing promotion model.

3. Glass showcase application

The application of glass windows is the application of transparent screens of large glass and floor-to-ceiling glass. The scenes are mainly brand chain stores, watch shops, jewelry stores, restaurants, etc. Due to the limitation of the size of the environment, the installation area of ​​the transparent screen used in the glass showcase is not large, and the pixel pitch with a higher definition is often used. At the same time, it is usually necessary to take into account the permeability in this application environment, so the horizontal and vertical spacings are often different.

The transparent LED glass screen has changed the traditional glass window promotion mode, changed the advertising mode from static to dynamic, and conveyed high-definition visual advertising information to consumers, and the display of the store was unobstructed, thereby greatly increasing the rate of store entry and Turnover rate.

HOLA-LED transparent led display has the advantages of high transparency, invisible installation, green energy saving, no blocking of daylight, etc. It can be combined with the customized size and shape of the glass curtain wall to easily match all kinds of glass curtain wall environments, and it is extremely adaptable. In the future, transparent LED displays will be more widely used in the field of commercial complexes, and their development potential is huge.



Commercial complex transparent LED display solution


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