Chinese mini LED manufacturers come back against the wind and are almost on par with the “leader”

Looking back on the past, from CRT to LCD, and then to OLED, every change in display technology will trigger a new round of industrial transformation and reshaping of the competitive landscape on a global scale.

It is a pity that Chinese mini LED manufacturers play the role of chasers and followers in the display industry.

From “follower” to “leader”, Chinese manufacturers must bet

In the history of the development of the LCD panel industry in mainland China, it was a very special transition period. The fate of traditional CRT (cathode ray tube) monitors being replaced by liquid crystal (LCD) is a foregone conclusion. However, as the world’s largest TV producer, China cannot be self-sufficient in its core component, the LCD panel.

mini led tv wall
mini led tv wall

Until around 2010, under the encouragement of policies and the promotion of the market, panel manufacturers in mainland China, such as BOE, China Star Optoelectronics, China Electronics Panda, and Shenzhen Tianma, successively invested in the construction of LCD panel production lines. After ten years of hard work, Chinese companies represented by BOE, China Star Optoelectronics, and Huike broke through the blockade of Japanese and Korean panel companies such as Samsung, LG, and Sharp, and gradually showed their industry leaders.

The LCD panel industry in mainland China has also gradually bid farewell to the difficult “following” stage, and has obtained the ticket to “run parallel” with global panel manufacturers.

A landmark event is that in 2015, BOE started construction of the 10.5th generation TFT-LCD production line in Hefei. One year later, the TFT-LCD production line of the 11th generation line of Shenzhen Huaxing Optoelectronics started construction.

The establishment of these two highest-generation production lines in the world not only allowed BOE and China Star Optoelectronics to gain an advantageous market share, but also allowed China to stand on the global commanding heights of the ultra-large-size LCD panel market. In the entire LCD liquid crystal field from small to large sizes, my country’s panel manufacturers have achieved a comprehensive lead.

A set of data closely related to this is: China’s market share in the global panel field is constantly rising. In terms of revenue, Chinese panels will account for 41.5% of the global market in 2021, beating the former overlord South Korea with 33.2%. Specifically, in terms of LCD panels, Chinese manufacturers have won 50.7% of the global market share.

Although in recent years, under the influence of government policy encouragement, continuous investment of industrial capital, and increased demand in terminal application fields, manufacturers in mainland China have successively built AMOLED production lines and have already realized shipments. But on the whole, the global AMOLED production capacity is still mainly concentrated in South Korea’s Samsung, LG and other companies. Samsung dominates the field of small-size OLED panels, and LGD is flourishing in the field of large-size OLED panels.

It is gratifying that in this wave of emerging display technologies, Mini LED is still a technology in its infancy globally, and foreign companies have not formed a huge technological monopoly advantage. For domestic enterprises, Mini LED has undoubtedly become an excellent breakthrough to seize development opportunities.



Chinese mini LED manufacturers come back against the wind and are almost on par with the “leader”


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