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Can The Transparent LED Display Be Interactive?

Nowadays, the LED display is gradually expanding in the commercial display market. In many commercial fields, it can be widely seen that the LED transparent display shows different advertising effects in each field, but if I tell you that the transparent LED display can be carried out Interaction, will you be surprised!

In some daily application scenarios, we should have seen a lot of LED interactive floor tiles screens are used in video game cities, shopping malls, tourist places, etc., but few people know that LED transparent display screens can also be interactive.

Interactive LED Floor Tile Screen Applied To The Ground
Interactive LED Floor Tile Screen Applied To The Ground

The realization principle of the transparent LED display is actually a micro-innovation of the bar-shaped screen, the improvement of the chip manufacturing process, the lamp bead packaging and the control system. In addition, the hollow design structure reduces the line of sight of structural components, greatly improves the transparency effect, and satisfies the transparency of the transparent LED display.

Why can the transparent LED display screen be interactive? The principle of interactive LED display

The interactive effect principle of the transparent display screen is similar to that of the built-in chip interactive LED floor tile screen, that is, the sensor chip is embedded in the LED module, and the distribution is carried out according to the line and the average rule, with the infrared radar sensor chip passing through the inside of the screen. The patrol signal of passing objects is transmitted back to the control center of the screen, and then the screen will display the effect on the screen according to the returned signal trajectory, to achieve the interactive effects of some commonly used materials, such as fish and water interaction, forest walks, etc.

The transparent LED display screen realizes human-screen interaction in the interactive link, which reflects a more vivid and intelligent display effect that is presented to people’s eyeballs, which can greatly increase curiosity and individual experience.

The emergence of interactive technology feels that it has brought more different forms of transparent LED display screens in commercial displays, and there may be more unique and novel experiences on the road in the future.

LED Transparent Display
LED Transparent Display

With the vigorous development of LED transparent display technology, grafting the interaction between the LED transparent display and the audience in a better way has become the “hot spot” of the current industry. At this stage, there are mainly two ways to achieve “human-screen interaction” with LED transparent screens:

1. Screen network linkage

“Networked control broadcast” is a development road of the combination of transparent LED display and the Internet. It uses mobile phones, PCs, computers and other ports to carry out network operations, and combines the popular QR codes, APPs and other functions to realize LED transparent screens. The joint interaction between the large screen and the audience stimulates the growth of audience interest and enhances audience participation.

2. Equipped with touch technology

At present, LED transparent screens can already be equipped with “touch technology (sensor)” to achieve direct “human screen interaction”. The current application of interactive LED floor tile screens is the most direct proof.

The realization of other interactive technologies, such as the realization of interaction by absorbing somatosensory technology, augmented reality technology, face recognition technology and other cutting-edge technologies, has also been put on the itinerary, and it will take a long time before practical applications.

As a domestic first-class LED transparent screen brand, HOLA-LED has been able to realize the screen-network linkage and touch function of LED transparent screens through years of technical accumulation. Welcome to consult products and solutions.

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