Can I choose the LED display screen according to the dot pitch?

The dot pitch is one of the important technical parameters of LED displays. We usually talk about P2.5, P3.91, P4.81 and other types of LED displays. In fact, we are also talking about the dot pitch of these LEDs. The dot pitch of the LED display to choose the LED display? I believe this is a problem that puzzles many friends. Let’s take a look at the answer of HOLA-LED senior technical engineer to this question.

What is the dot pitch?

The dot pitch reflects the pixels per inch of the distance between two pixels. The dot pitch and pixels per inch are physical properties of the display screen. Information capacity is the quantity unit of information carrying capacity that is displayed once per inch of pixel per unit area. The smaller the dot pitch, the higher the pixels per inch, the larger the information capacity per unit area that can be displayed at one time, and the closer the distance suitable for viewing. Conversely, the larger the dot pitch, the lower the pixels per inch, the smaller the one-time displayable information capacity per unit area, and the longer the distance suitable for viewing.

Dot pitch of LED module

Can I choose the LED display screen according to the dot pitch?

If you look at the whole screen, if the dot pitch of the lamp beads is relatively close, such as P2.5 LED display and P3 LED display, there is actually no obvious difference; if it is a lit whole screen, it will be even more obvious. It is difficult to distinguish. Only when the dot pitch is quite different, can you see the obvious difference, such as P3 and P10, the appearance of the lamp beads and the dot pitch are obviously different.

Since it cannot be distinguished directly by the dot pitch, how should we choose an LED display?

P1.875 LED display is playing the picture of watermelon

The selection of the dot pitch of the LED display screen is related to two factors:

First. The viewing distance of the LED display

Where the LED display is placed and how far people need to stand to see it is an important factor in determining the distance between points.

Generally speaking, there is a formula for optimal visual distance = dot pitch/(0.3~0.8). For example, for an LED display with a dot pitch of 16 mm, the best viewing distance is 20 to 54 meters. Of course, the actual viewing distance may be about 1.5 higher than this range.

It should be noted that if the standing distance is closer than the minimum distance, the pixels on the display screen can be seen normally by the naked eye, which will affect the viewing effect. If you stand too far away, the human eye will often be unable to distinguish detailed features. (For normal vision, we do not include myopia and presbyopia).

In the industry, P2 to P5 are usually used for indoor displays, P7.62 or P10 are used for remote LED displays. In the past, there were P12 and P16 LED displays, which are relatively rare in recent years.

The best viewing distance of led display

Second, the total number of pixels of the LED display

For video, the basic format is VCD format with a resolution of 352*288 and DVD format is 768*576. Therefore, for video screens, we recommend that the minimum resolution should not be lower than 352*288, so that the display effect is good enough. If it is lower, it can be displayed, but better results cannot be obtained.

However, for single-primary-color and dual-primary-color LED displays that mainly display characters and pictures, the resolution requirements are not high, and the resolution can only be determined according to the actual size.

The smaller the dot pitch, the higher the resolution, the clearer the display and the better the effect. However, the corresponding cost will also increase. From the point of view of purchase, you can appropriately reduce the dot pitch when the definition is not much different, and the price will be more reasonable and cost-effective.



Can I choose the LED display screen according to the dot pitch?


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