Can a transparent LED display be installed in tourist attractions?

When you usually go to shopping malls, you should notice that many large shopping malls have installed transparent LED displays and are attracted by its dreamy beauty. Therefore, many people wonder whether they can use transparent LED displays. How about applying to tourist attractions? Can a transparent LED display be installed in tourist attractions? Let’s take a look at the relevant detailed introduction.

Every holiday, the major tourist attractions are crowded with people. I believe many people will occasionally see the LED display when they are watching the scenic spot, which adds a beautiful brilliance to the scenic spot. The dreamy and ethereal transparent LED display has been well received by the market as soon as it is launched.

There are many places where LED displays can be installed in tourist attractions, but the overall commercial design of the installation should be based on the premise of protecting the tourism resources, as little as possible to affect the tourism resources themselves, and without destroying the structure and aesthetics of the building, use the display The screen enhances and embellishes the buildings of tourist attractions, and creates a characteristic atmosphere in accordance with the tourist attractions.

There are many places suitable for the installation of transparent LED displays in tourist attractions. The owner can consider from the following places:

1. Ticket Office

The ticket office is a place where the flow of people in tourist attractions is relatively concentrated. The installation of a transparent screen at the ticket office can display the information of the scenic spot in real time, including ticket prices, popular tourist attractions, sightseeing routes, etc. The glass window of the ticket office is undoubtedly a good place to install the transparent screen. It is conspicuous. After the installation is completed, it can increase the attention of tourists to the attractions and stimulate their desire to buy tickets.

Transparent LED display for science and technology museum
technology museum & Convention Centre

Second, the glass plank road

Recently, the special effects of 3D glass plank roads are quite popular. Tourists walking on the glass plank roads will produce pictures and sounds of broken glass, which is very irritating. And this special effect technology can happen to be realized with a transparent LED display screen. The transparent screen cooperates with the perceptual light emission of related software to produce a broken glass screen. Together with the sound, it can simulate the effect of glass bursting, allowing tourists to be on the spot and enhancing the attractions. Entertainment.

Interactive LED floor tile display

Third. Performance stage

Some tourist attractions also have a special performance stage to spread the characteristics of local folk culture. Through the careful matching of stage lighting, sound effects, smoke and screen, the transparent LED display uses its unique screen display technology and the transparent characteristics of the screen to construct a three-dimensional, realistic and dreamy ideal space, which makes the stage effect more It has a sense of hierarchy and dream, like dreams and illusions, but also real and imaginary, which greatly improves the expressive power and influence of folk cultural programs.

The above are the recommended scenarios for installing transparent electronic screens in tourist attractions. Do you know all of them? Of course, the scenes where screens can be installed in tourist attractions are far more than these. As long as we make reasonable use of display resources, we can use these screens to have a good publicity and performance effect, attract tourists’ attention, and promote the economic development of the tourist area.



Can a transparent LED display be installed in tourist attractions?


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