Rental LED display is booming in the entertainment industry

In recent years, with the rise of the entertainment economy, performance activities have gradually increased and the market has become more diversified. From the original focus on the scale of performances, it has begun to focus on the quality of live performances. The requirements for stage presentation effects are also getting higher and higher. rental […]

LED immersive experience is now integrated into our lives

With the rapid development of multimedia and various display technologies, the core requirements of display solutions for various exhibition halls, exhibition halls, and commercial venues have evolved from clear image quality in the past to gorgeous and novel display effects and vivid sensory experience. The “LED Immersive Experience Cabin” solution is based on multi-faceted LED […]

UHD small-pitch LED display helps the two public police office in Xiangyang to speed up and upgrade

The modern public security command center refers to an integrated and intelligent comprehensive command platform for centralized acceptance, efficient resource scheduling, scientific decision-making assistance, emergency response plan execution, and rapid joint disposal for various emergencies or major events. Recently, the VAⅡ1.2 (resolution 14880×2970) ultra-high-definition small-pitch display large screen created by Shenzhen LED display manufacturer for […]

What are the advantages of mini LED and OLED?

LG OLED display

From the perspective of development history, OLED was born earlier than Mini LED, and its first-mover advantage brought not only the problem of product yield, but also the technical scalability and market share. Although Mini LED has many advantages that OLED does not have in theory, the development of OLED technology is not constant. Many […]

Lusail Stadium’s LED display wins world’s best

Russell stadium LED display

The World Cup in Qatar is full of Chinese elements, attracting a large number of Chinese fans to buy tickets to the tournament. According to statistics, China has sold more than 7,000 tickets to the World Cup in Qatar by November 14, when a large number of fans will be able to witness the spectacle. […]

More than 70 square meters of large LED displays hung at the Lusail Stadium

Article Summary:Two soccer field LED displays at the Russell Arena are manufactured by Shenzhen LED display manufacturer. By adapting to the local environment and scenario, high quality and excellent playback effects were created. In the modern football stadium, the big screen on the field is the main way for fans on the field to get […]

The difference between stage LED display and conventional LED display

Nowadays, we can see the stage LED display in many large-scale parties, because its box is light and easy to move, so it is very suitable for use in some party events. So, what are the differences between the stage LED display and the conventional display we usually see, let’s take a look at it […]

The development of rental LED display

Speaking of the development of rental LED display, it probably dates back to around 2000, so it has been more than 20 years. Due to the relatively low threshold of the rental market, a large number of manufacturers have poured in in recent years. In order to receive more market orders and increase the shipment […]

What are the benefits of using LED movie screens in theaters?

The LED movie screens and image quality are good, the visual impact is strong, and people feel immersed in the scene. This is the common experience brought to us by movie viewing in the cinema. Up to now, people have regarded projection playback as the main way to watch movies. Laser projection It has also […]