Application and Development of Small Pitch LED in Cinema

Today, small-pitch LED are not only gaining ground in the commercial display field by virtue of their advanced technology and convenience, but also the civilian market with a larger market size. At present, several display industry giants have entered the film industry with LED technology, setting off a battle for theaters.

For the cinema industry, which has been dominated by projection technology for a long time, what impact will the entry of new technologies have on the film industry? How will LED display companies reshuffle their cards? How should the theater choose?

What are the opportunities for small-pitch LEDs to enter the theater?

From the perspective of large details, the entry of small-pitch LEDs into theaters benefits from three aspects:
First, the ultra-wide color gamut and ultra-high color reproduction of the LED light source make the picture quality more gorgeous and lifelike, bringing a strong visual impact to the audience.
Second, the mature application of COB technology has made the light-emitting principle of small-pitch LEDs transition from point light source to surface light source, which greatly improves the comfort of the audience for close-distance and indoor viewing.
Third, the price of LED products has been continuously reduced with the continuous expansion of the industrial scale, which has reduced the construction cost of theaters and greatly shortened the return on investment period.

Small Pitch LED
Small Pitch LED

From a small point of view, first of all, it is “demand spawns the market”. The times are developing, and consumer demand is also upgrading. Theater audiences will also pursue a more different viewing experience in movie consumption. There is such a market demand that needs to be met.

Secondly, after rapid development in recent years, LED display products are relatively mature, and the development of various application scenarios has entered a stable period, which provides indispensable conditions for LED display screens to enter the theater market.

Finally, it is the direction of the national policy. In the “Ultra HD Video Industry Development Action Plan (2019-2022)” jointly issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the State Administration of Radio and Television, and China Central Radio and Television, it is clear that the ‘4K First, taking into account the overall technical route of 8K’, vigorously promote the development of ultra-high-definition video industry and the application of related fields, ultra-high-definition display will also be the mainstream development direction in the future.

Conference room LED large screen
Conference room LED large screen

Therefore, the existence of market demand, the maturity of technology and the introduction of national policies, under the combination of “time, location, and harmony”, provide the LED display industry with a good opportunity to enter the high-end display market. “

Compared with projectors, what are the advantages of small-pitch LED?

Looking at it comprehensively, the advantages of small-pitch LED displays are reflected in three aspects:

One is the shocking visual experience provided by the LED display. In terms of brightness, because all projection systems are based on diffuse reflection of light sources, if you want to play its best effect, the viewing environment must be completely dark like a movie theater and the walls must be treated with dark colors without reflection, plus professional calibration , so as to bring out the best effect of the projector.

The LED display adopts the principle of self-illumination, and each pixel emits light independently for pixel-level brightness and color control. The brightness is 10 times higher than the peak brightness (146fL) of traditional projection equipment.

In terms of contrast, the traditional projection technology uses a white screen on the movie screen, which reduces the contrast of the picture, while the LED screen can use a full black screen background color, which has better picture contrast performance, and supports high frame rate + HDR technology and 3D technology. In other words, while reducing the requirements for the playback environment, the video playback effect is improved instead.

The second is that consumers can obtain high brightness, high contrast and color visual experience. In addition, LED displays can also be creatively spliced into displays of any size and shape according to actual needs, such as curved displays. It can increase the immersive experience when watching.

Third, from the perspective of the cinema, the small-pitch LED display does not require a light path, and the site design is more flexible. At the same time, there is no need to reserve a special room for projection equipment, saving the interior space of the cinema room. “



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