500*1000mm Rental LED display




●Panel Material:Aluminum

●Maintain:Front & Rare

●Cabinet:2 Row Pin Design For Module

500*1000mm LED rental cabinet

detail picture of rental LED display

high quality LEDS

high quality LED lights,,best display effect,longer service life,After working two years,light decline less than 5%.

Even after use 5 years,when screen play videos and pictures,it looks as good as new.

Low quality LED lights,bad display effect,after working two years,light decline more than 30%

Convenient and fast, multi-scene application

500*500 or 500*1000 Rental LED display to show details

High quality realistic picture

chipone or sunmoon driver IC

driver ICS from well-knwo brands,such as CHIPONE,SUNMON,etc,Make sure the display screen is high-definition and has no horizontal stripes.

application scene of rental LED display

p4 stage rental led display

article of rental LED display

The LED rental display is an LED display specially used for stage performances and cultural activities. Because it generally appears in the form of rental, it is called LED rental display. So how do we choose a suitable LED rental display?

In fact, as long as we master the method, then this is not difficult to grasp. From the application environment, we can divide the rental LED display into indoor rental LED display and outdoor rental LED display.

Different application environments have large differences in the hardware and software requirements of LED displays, and the price is naturally much higher. Therefore, when our use environment is indoors, we cannot consider it from the perspective of leasing outdoor LED displays, but should depend on the specific situation.
Only in this way can we obtain better product quality at a more favorable price under reasonable conditions of use. So where should we choose LED rental displays?

Several points to pay attention to when purchasing LED display


Brightness has the greatest impact on all LED displays. Why do you say this? Because there are several issues involved.

First, the indoor and outdoor brightness are different. If the indoor brightness is too high, it will affect the entire LED screen, and may even burn the entire screen. Therefore, the indoor LED display has a brightness of 800-2000cd/㎡, while the outdoor LED display has a brightness of 800-2000cd/㎡ The brightness can reach 4000cd per square meter, or even higher.

Second, the hardware support is different. Outdoor LED displays are usually equipped with optical sensors to detect the surrounding environment so as to automatically control the brightness. After all, too high brightness can easily damage human vision and harm human health. The screen image display is not clear, especially in direct sunlight outdoors, the brightness is too low, it is generally difficult to see clearly. Indoors generally do not need to consider these issues.

Viewing angle

The size of the viewing angle of the LED display directly determines the audience of the LED display. The larger the viewing angle, the better, and the audience will be wider. The viewing angle is affected by the packaging method of the LED die. The way of die packaging also reflects the quality of LED lamp beads.


The flatness of the display affects the quality of the displayed image. The flatness of the cabinet surface of indoor LED rental screens in the industry is kept within ±1mm, and local bulges or recesses on the surface of the cabinet will cause a dead angle in the viewing angle of the display screen. The quality of the flatness is determined by the production process. If the customer is careful, it can be distinguished.

color reproducibility

The reproducibility of the display screen to color means that the color displayed on the display screen must be highly consistent with the color of the playback source, so as to ensure the realism of the image.

dead spot

The dead point of the LED rental screen refers to a single point that is always bright or always black on the display screen. The number of dead points is mainly determined by the quality of the die. This is the same as when we choose an LCD display. If there are dead spots and dead spots, it also proves that there is a big problem with the quality of the entire display. At this time, no matter how low the price is, we must not buy it.

When choosing an LED display, we should not only consider the display, but also the manufacturer of the LED display. Because we choose a good and reliable manufacturer, we can leave a lot of things. Let’s take a look at it together.

How to choose a suitable LED rental display manufacturer?

We can start with the following points on this issue:

1. Quality problems

Due to the flatness, brightness and viewing angle of the LED display, color reproducibility, and the presence or absence of dead spots, these will affect the playback effect of the LED rental screen, and these are also the easiest and most direct methods to judge the quality of the LED display. , After all, even the details of the screen are not well done, and other aspects are impossible to talk about, and the quality of the LED display screen will also have a great impact on the atmosphere of the performance.

2.The issue of reputation
It is very important to choose a LED display manufacturer with a good reputation and a good reputation. First, it can guarantee the quality of the product. Second, it can respond quickly and solve problems. These points cannot be accomplished by ordinary LED display manufacturers. .It is recommended to choose the following LED display manufacturers:

3. The problem of price

Although it is said that LED display cannot be measured solely by price, it does not mean that customers must be taken advantage of. We can screen several more manufacturers, and then take an approximate value from it. On the basis of the approximate value, further screening.

4. Professional technical support

The rental company must have a professional stage LED display rental technical engineering team, and the selection must be first-class stage rental equipment. In terms of customer service, the needs of customers must be put first, and the needs of customers must be met as much as possible. If these preludes are not handled well, it will be a very troublesome thing to collect the balance in the future.

If there is no corresponding technical support, once there is a problem, the parties will often be helpless. Not only may it affect the progress of the performing arts conference, but it may also cause great economic losses. From this aspect, choose a good LED manufacturer. technology becomes very important.

The above is the selection method of LED display manufacturers. It is worth pointing out that LED rental screens are mainly composed of control boards, switching power supplies, light-emitting devices, etc., and the life and stability of all these components are closely related to the working temperature. relation.

Therefore, it is also very important to maintain a good use environment. If the actual working temperature of the LED rental screen exceeds the specified range of use, not only its life will be shortened, but the product itself will also be seriously damaged.