What’s transparent LED screen?

Transparent LED screen is a kind of LED display that has the property of passing light like glass. Its special permeability allows it to be installed on the front and back of the glass without affecting the display of surrounding items.

It is also because it is different from other LED displays, so it is easy to catch the attention of customers. And many businesses also want to use such products to advertise. So, where can you buy transparent LED displays in the United States? Where to buy transparent Is the LED display better?

For these questions, let’s start with some characteristics of transparent LEDs, and then consider how to buy them.

What is the application of LED transparent screen?
Cultural halls, exhibition halls: The display cabinets made of transparent screens can not only display items in the same way as ordinary display cabinets, but also play the introduction of the displayed items on the screen, and display them to tourists in the form of animated pictures or text.

So that tourists can not only see the items in the display cabinet, but also know more about the history and culture of the cultural relic through the touch interaction on the surface of the display cabinet, and continuously increase the interest of tourists, so as to achieve the ultimate purpose of the museum.

LED transparent display
LED transparent display

In general, for different transparent screens, LED transparent screens are more advantageous in principle, but for different usage scenarios, it is still necessary to choose according to the actual situation, not only the advantages, but also the advantages. What is the adaptability of the application environment of different types of transparent screens, so that you can buy the transparent screen you want.

Are transparent screens completely transparent?
In fact, the transparent screen is not completely transparent. The main purpose is to improve the transparency through technology and make the display screen more transparent. The transparent display screen can make the screen as transparent as glass, while maintaining the transparency, it can ensure the color richness and display details of the dynamic picture, so the transparent screen interactive display device can not only allow users to watch the exhibits behind the screen at a close distance, but also can Allows users to interact with dynamic information on transparent displays.

The commercial display value of the transparent screen is the fundamental value of the existence of the transparent screen. With the advancement of the decentralization process in the country, various commercial complexes in various places are still increasing under the background of the environment, and the needs of various physical brands for user experience upgrades In the future, transparent screen products will move in a better direction.

In recent years, with the stricter management and approval of outdoor advertising, the demand for creative design of advertising has also increased. Conventional outdoor advertising screens have been unable to meet the diversified needs of the market. The transparent and light characteristics of LED transparent screens make up for the conventional The shortcomings of the display screen have made great achievements in the fields of glass curtain wall, glass window, commercial atrium, stage beauty, sightseeing elevator, etc., and its future development prospects are limitless.

Transparent display screens are currently used in shopping malls, shop windows, curtain walls and other applications. In the past two years, manufacturers have continuously improved and optimized transparent screens, which has greatly improved the display and performance of transparent screens. Transparent screen products and applications also There are endless.

As a subdivision product of LED display, transparent display screen does not have the basic accumulation of traditional display screen for many years, nor does it have the same clarity as LCD, but transparent display screen gradually occupies the market share of LED display due to its lightness, thinness and transparency.

Customized led transparent screen
Customized led transparent screen

Many friends will ask that the development of transparent screens is so rapid now, and they have been widely used in market applications, and many large-scale cases and diversified interactive displays have come out. Transparent LED display panel specifications can be customized.

Transparent screen features:

  1. High light transmission effect: More than 80% of the light transmission effect allows the glass to retain the function of lighting and light transmission, and the LED lights are almost invisible from a distance, so that the lighting of the glass curtain wall is not affected.
  2. Only a simple steel frame structure is needed, which saves a lot of costs: This product is light in weight, easy to install, and does not require complex supporting steel structures, which can save a lot of installation costs.
  3. The maintenance of the transparent screen is convenient and fast: indoor maintenance, that is, fast and safe, saving manpower and material resources.
  4. Simple and controllable operation: It can be connected with computer, video card and remote transceiver through network cable, and the display content can be changed at any time through remote cluster wireless control.

Transparent screen dominates the display sales market The new leading transparent screen opens up new application scenarios, is a broad market prospect, is also the engineering construction media industry, adapts to new market trends, and is also a new outdoor media resource. For example, transparent leading displays such as urban buildings, car showrooms, jewelry lighting, chain stores, etc., all have excellent advertising market value.

The transparent LED screen has a transmittance of 50%-90%, which ensures the original lighting and transparent visual function of the glass wall. The LED transparent screen positive paste series products use the SMD lamp beads of the conventional LED display, and the brightness can be as high as 5000CD, so it can be installed indoors for outdoor viewing, and the brightness can fully meet the requirements.
The LED transparent screen can be installed separately vertically without glass. If it is installed behind the glass curtain wall, it can be directly attached to the steel structure of the curtain wall. Its extremely light weight of 16kg/m2 has a very low load on the steel structure.

LED transparent screen
LED transparent screen

The LED transparent screen can be customized and spliced ​​to a perfect special shape, and the surface transition is natural and beautiful. LED transparent screen is suitable for outdoor screen application, indoor installation, outdoor viewing, without worrying about waterproof and UV protection, and the product performance is very stable.

So, with so many advantages and features of transparent LED displays, where should we buy them, and can we buy them in the United States?

For this problem, it is actually very easy to understand. If we buy from LED manufacturers, it will definitely be cheaper than buying products offline. After all, we cut off the distributors and send them directly to customers from the source manufacturers, and now they are all It is a global service, which is very convenient for transportation and maintenance.

If you want to buy a beautiful LED transparent display, please fill in your demand information through the form below, we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.



What’s transparent LED screen?


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